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  Deshaguna Wenas Weema (Climate Change)
Deshaguna Wenasweema is a book on climate change in Sinhala language.  
It describes the scientific background of climate change, impacts, mitigation and adaptation. It also analyses the international agreements, institutions and socio-political issues. Further the book provides a brief overview of the impacts on Sri Lanka.  
The book is compiled based on the most recent research outcomes with data and estimates.  
Written in simple language this book is aimed to provide a basic and scientific understanding of this global environmental issue.  


: Deshaguna Wenas Weema (Climate change)


: Dhanesh Wisumperuma


: Sinhala

First printed

: June 2007

Book details

: xii + 82 + 2 pages


  Text figures included

ISBN number

: ISBN 9768-955-50281-0-3


: Author publication


Chapter 1: Scientific background


Chapter 2: Impacts of climate change


Chapter 3: Mitigation and adaptation


Chapter 4: International agreements and institutions


Chapter 5: Social and political issues


Chapter 6: Climate change and Sri Lanka


Chapter 7: What we can do




: Vidusara, 13-06-2007


  Rivira, 22-07-2007 (by Chaminda Wariyagoda)


June-July 2007



Available Updates

June-July 2007 (will be available soon)
Published Reviews
Vidusara, 13-06-2007 (JPG image, 184kb)
Rivira, 22-07-2007 (JPG image, 135kb)

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