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 Welcome to the web site of Dhanesh Wisumperuma
  Dhanesh's work could be categorized as following;
Independent Researcher - Dhanesh is an independent researcher in  historical biogeography, ethnobiology, environmental history, environmental sciences, climate change, history and archaeology. He has published few research papers on these subjects during the recent years and presented a number of research presentations at academic conferences.
Writer - Dhanesh is a writer who has authored 3 books and contributing to various journals and newspapers.
  He is the author of a book on climate change (2007), a booklet of urban Rainwater harvesting (2004) and also the translator of a book on cleaner production (2004). 
  He has been writing to local newspapers since 1995 in Sinhala and English languages. He mainly writes on environmental issues (with special attention on climate change and global environmental trends) and archaeological sites. At present he compiles a weekly review on climate change to Vidusara, the only science weekly newspaper in the country.
Web site designing - Dhanesh is also a web site designer and has so far designed number of web sites.

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