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  Anuradhapura Atamasthanaya
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: Anuradhapura Atamasthanaya (Eight sacred placed in Anuradhapura)
  Author : Prof. U. B. Karunananda
      Professor of History, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.
  Summary : The main purpose of this book is to give an account of the evolution of the Atamasthana or the eight Buddhist sacred places at Anuradhapura with special reference to the general administration of the establishment and its property and income.
      The first chapter of the book deals with the identification of Atamasthana and traces the history of the eight of the eight sacred places separately from the trace of Arahat Mahinda Thero up to the present day. It is noteworthy to mention here that the eight sacred places which constitute the Atamasthana changed periodically. Finally since 1908, the present eight places have been legally accepted as belonging to the establishment. 
      The second chapter which contains the details of the general administration of the establishment deals with the three important institutes connected with it, i.e. Atamsthanadhipathi, Nuwarawewa family and the Atamasthana Committee, and the functioning of them especially during the British rule and even afterwards.  
      The third chapter presents some information regarding the lands belonging to the establishment, the services rendered by the tenants of these lands and the other means of revenue of the establishment. Except nine temple villages, the establishment lost the ownership of the other temple lands during the time of British rulers.
  Language : Sinhala
  Print : September 2007 (Second Edition)
  Book Details : viii + 168 pages
  ISBN : ISBN 978-955-1776-00-8
  Publisher : Institute of Heritage Studies
  Price : LKR 400.00
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